Stakeholder engagement

We build trust through our ongoing collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, which involves listening and responding to stakeholder interests and concerns.

Our Stakeholders

We define our core group of stakeholders as employees, contractors, suppliers, investors, local community members, governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and industry groups. Each stakeholder group has unique expectations, and we therefore tailor our engagement practices to best meet their needs.

How We Interact With Our Stakeholders

Stakeholder Group Ways We Interact
  • Corporate, regional and site personnel engagement
  • Employee newsletters, social media and email
  • Workplace health and safety committees
  • Performance and development reviews
  • Perception studies
  • Annual shareholder meeting
  • Quarterly conference calls to discuss results
  • Frequent meetings
  • Ongoing communication and dialogue with government officials at the municipal, regional and national levels
Suppliers and contractors
  • Ongoing communication and dialogue between representatives
  • Performance reviews
Industry associations
  • Membership in industry associations such as the International Cyanide Management Institute, the World Gold Council, the Mining Association of British Columbia, and the Mining Association of Canada (MAC). We also participate in several working committees, such as MAC’s International Social Responsibility Committee
  • At Kişladağ, we established an independent environmental committee, which includes representatives from NGOs
  • Ongoing community engagement activities, including collaborative community projects
  • Neighbourhood meetings
  • Site tours for local residents and students
  • Regional newsletters, local media and social media

Community Engagement

Effective communication with our local stakeholders is important to our continued success and we have made this integral to our operating approach for decades. We have established various methods for communicating with local stakeholders that emphasize two-way dialogue and provide opportunities for local stakeholders to submit anonymous feedback to our site personnel. Please see Table 3 for details on the various communication methods currently established at our operations.

Moving forward, Eldorado has committed to implementing a framework consistent with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, and we are reviewing our approach to monitoring, documenting and reporting on community feedback – including grievances – at each operation in order to improve the way we track and respond to stakeholder concerns.

Government Relations

Mining is a heavily regulated industry and our operations are subject to the laws and policies of the countries in which we operate. Our in-country teams maintain regular dialogue with government authorities at the local, regional and national levels in order to better understand government objectives and policies, provide information about our projects, discuss relevant issues, and advance our permits. At the corporate level, we work with ministerial offices and diplomats, both in Canada and abroad, to communicate our development successes and challenges.

We advocate for clear, fair and transparent regulation and proactively share our experience as a global operator to help governments develop and maintain appropriate legislation. We do not participate in any party politics or make payments to any political parties.

Communication with Local Stakeholders

Turkey China Greece

Kişladağ Efemçukuru Jinfeng White
Tanjianshan(1) Stratoni, Skouries,
Local site grievance mechanism Y Y Y Y N N(2)
Email feedback N N N N N Y
Site office – Open door policy Y Y Y Y Y Y
Informal engagement
(daily interaction in communities)
Formal engagement Y Y Y Y N Y

(1) Tanjianshan is in a remote location, over 40 km from the nearest local community.
(2) A local site grievance mechanism is planned but not implemented. Feedback through other mechanisms (e.g. email, meetings, website, etc.) are forwarded to the responsible departments, investigated and responded to.

Requests and Complaints Received

Turkey China Greece

Kişladağ Efemçukuru Jinfeng White
Tanjianshan(1) Stratoni, Skouries,
Number received 3 71 18 133 10
Predominant topics Blasting
vibration; dust
road maintenance
local procurement
vibration; dust;
Desire for

(1) Tanjianshan is in a remote location, over 40 km from the nearest local community.

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